Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Maxinations '09: The Normandy Landing...

Ground Zero (A-Block Well) – Two days before D-Day: We are beckoned by our seniors at 11:30PM. The meeting commences. We are told the whole history about the holy war called Maxinations: A fight to the finish, a fight to rip out guts and slit all throats. Yes, that’s the passion of Maxinations. We were summoned and told to start preparing for the different events. We allocated ourselves games/events based on our individual competencies and then took a total chill pill. Seniors told us that A block was supposed to be the block which never started working until it saw daylight and remembered that it was D-Day. Already ??? Well that’s how things worked out this year too.

Day 1: we go in there fight “we are just here to participate and be in the spirit of the game”. We give our shot at the Skit which had ‘Gandhi’ as its central figure: an effigy which is knocked down by our youth. That went off well and we came second. Duhh, how could we? We had only started working at 5PM when the event was at 6. Well, I guess that’s how A blockers work. Laugh-a-holics: Kamal was outrageous with his “Oye Mathur, Zaraa Baaju hatna” from Kamal’s Wife’s Closet jokes. Paromita madam could not control herself even. Ohh... wait what’s this we hear. We won this battle too? Well words pour in “You may have blah blah... but the war is not blah over blahh blahhh”.

Day 2: We take the chill pill in the morning again and go about in our goofy ishtyle with the events. Come nightfall, time for some Chopsuey. No chopsticks here. I’m talking about the Block Rock. System of a Down was our claim to fame with Girish doing his awesome impersonation of Takian and the rest going “aww what was that crack in my neck” from the headbanging. I did my bit there as Malakian. Woaahhhh... We win again??? Amazing...

Day 3: We wake up to Gonda shouting all through A block. Wake up you $%#%#$% we are at $%#$% rank 1. What??? How’s that even possible... Woahh it’s true... We are leading but by 3 points. It’s a close battle. Come Solo singing- KB rules while XIM drools. Come Friday night fever (Dance) – A Block brings out the patriot in every person present. Vande Mataram and our human pyramids did the job. Disclaimer: No one except KB, Girish and Akhilesh knew crap about dancing.

Ohh . I forgot to mention. There was this tiny event called Brand Wars which had maximum weightage (200 points). People told me that it was what Maxinations was all about. Ok I believe you. Our Product was Amrit – A non alcoholic beverage which still gave you the high as alcohol would. Long live Saxim... Long live A block.

D-Day - 2AM: Time for results: Fingers crossed. We had started totally relaxed and things got tight on day 3. What would happen. It was a close fight between GR-II, C block and A Block. What’s this? A block doesnt even feature in the top three in Brand Wars. Oh damn. We are doomed. No Brand Wars, no confidence card, no challenge. How could we win... Hehehehe Think again. We won inspite of all these.

History has been written... A block Rocks. And as I write this... I still am chanting... A block..A Block...Forever an A - Blocker.


jolly said...

G8,post. Sometimes i wish i was a guy and not a girl.....anyways congrats.

vanibha said...

Somehow the best moments of my cllg life !!!