Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dreaming of Reality

There are times when you want to see yourself doing things you always dreamt of, the things you always wished would happen… There are times when all that is around you seems so odd and out of place. There are times when you dream, it seems more real than reality. What is reality then? Is it the world where you are Superman, or the world where you are the guy that you are? The answer is up to you. You could live just being you or you could strive to be Superman. Well not exactly him, but its all about what you feel inside, isn’t it? The point is where does a dream stop and reality begin or vice versa. People say dreams don’t come true. Well, what if what we are dreaming of is actually reality and that everything around a myth? What if all that you ever believed in was a fallacy and you were made to realize that everything that ever happened was just a dream, a nonexistent wondering?

Picture this. You are asleep and dreaming of a place where ‘odd’ things happen and suddenly your alarm clock goes off. You mould the alarm clock sound into your dream at first before you actually realize u got to wake up. It says “Dude! Time’s up”. A dream sets you free to wander and explore the world around you before it is time to get tied up again to reality just as a pet’s evening escapade. The pet is set free so that it can have its fun before the reality of it being tied up for the rest of the day sets in. Now from its point of view which is life: his moment of freedom or the leash? It’s a dog’s life people say. Well think about what a dog would say about that. The point is that the dog would probably lie down all day fearing its master so that it would be allowed free time in the evening and in those few moments of freedom it would probably want to find his life. Our dreams are like that, allowing us to live our life how we want it to before being shackled into reality. We could accept our shackled reality as life or we could make what we dream our reality. So do you want to be the dog lying down quietly so that you would have your moment of freedom or would you want to be the person who strives to achieve his dream? Set your mind free. Let it wander, let it discover things it never thought existed, let it visit places so beautiful you would start to pinch yourself to find out if it were true, let it make you everything you wanted to be, let it bring back all that you ever lost, let it make you the Prophet, let it make you Satan. The whole point is to explore, to discover. And somewhere deep down I believe dreams are a portal to our inner self. They reflect what inside our mind, what lies in that very dark corner of our heart that we so dread to explore. So next time think before you reject something as just a mere dream. You might just have rejected your portal to Life.
Think about it…