Sunday, October 7, 2007

Who Am I ?

"What's in a name that we call a rose...
By any other name would smell as sweet..."

I ain't no "rose" as such but hey it never hurts to quote...
Well my search is still on - Trying to fathom the real Me...
So Here Goes...

Who am I ?
Often I ask Myself
Trying To look within me,
To find the man I am,
Pondering still about what i have,
Yet I know not who I am.

Am I the son every mother desires?
Am I the friend every pal admires?
Am I the love you always dreamt of?
Or am I just the guy next door?
Questions I ask, alibis I give...
Yet failed still
Never knew who am I !!!

Mother, you taught me to walk,
Of wonderous lands and fairies you'd talk,
But look at me now, Ma,
Look at what I've become,
A heartless soul, an effigy of stone.
When I'd leave you'd hide and cry,
Never for a moment letting me know why.
But never did I hold you,
Never a balm,
Nor a word of affection,
Let alone an arm,
Yet Ma, I look to you now,
Tell me Ma, I need to know...
The questions haunt me endlessly now,
Guide me, mentor me, enlighten me,
Or give me strength to seek answers,
I need to know now who I am.

Sometimes I sit alone and wonder,
About distant dreams and worlds yonder.
But when the need be
My mind would lock itself in a box so tight,
I'd knock all day but not quite.
Even to trust my own,
Even to see the obvious,
Even to recognise the stranger in the mirror I'd shirk and flee,
And yet keep asking...
Who is "ME"?