Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wanna be me...

Wanna live my life all over again,
Wanna cherish all those moments,
Wanna do all those crazy things that I did,
Wanna dive down deep and bring out all that I lost,
Wanna make all those things right which never were,
Wanna be the man I never could become or did I?
Wanna see me playing in the sand again,
Wanna hear your bedtime stories Pa,
Wanna rhyme your lullabies too,
Wanna see my brother born again,
Wanna see him smile again,
Wanna find my old jeans,
Wanna see all those dreams,
Wanna go back to school again,
Wanna see me grow up again,
Wanna live my life all over again...

Wanna hide in your bosom Ma, and cry my heart out,
Wanna be the son I never was,
Wanna be everything I ever was,
Wanna be everything I never was,
Wanna know why things happened the way they happened,
Wanna see myself hardened,
Wanna know my metamorphosis,
Wanna know everything inside out,
Wanna know why I laughed,
Wanna know why I cried,
Wanna know why I loved you,
Wanna feel how I loved you,
Wanna feel how it hurt,
Wanna be zipping back in time,
Just to rediscover myself all once again...

Oh to fathom the person I am,
To pack my whole life into a knapsack,
And walk into the horizon,
Never looking back once more,
To be yet with the people I love,
To be always what I wanted to,
Not what I ought to,
To always know what I have and treasure,
To always know that in this world,
There be only two people who love you the most,
Wanna go back into their arms all over again…

To you Mama and Bapa … I Love You.